Microwave preserves

I’m always looking for shortcuts when it comes to making jams and preserves . Also I’m not a huge fan of peeling and shredding mountains of fruit . I like to make small quantities at a time and this is where the microwave comes in handy. The recipe for the fig jam is ideal to make while figs are cheap and in season and as much as I love lemon curd I can’t resist making granadilla curd for a change . The granadillas I bought sadly had hardly any pulp in so I used lemon and orange juice to make up the quantity of the liquid . The orange rind complemented to flavor of the granadilla beautifully. I have been experimenting with making my own sourdough bread and made two delicious loaves which went down a treat topped with the jam and curd.


Makes about 500ml

125g butter

300ml sugar

15ml cornflour

250ml mixture of granadilla pulp. Lemon and orange juice

3 whole eggs

3 egg yolks

Grated rind of 1 orange

Place the butter into a glass bowl and microwave until melted.

Mix the cornflour into the sugar and add to the butter with all the remaining ingredients. Mix well. Return to the microwave and cook on full power for 4-5 minutes, stirring every minute until the mixture has thickened. Pour the mixture into sterilized jars and seal while hot. Best to store the bottles in the fridge


Makes 2x250ml bottles

About 700g figs, peeled and roughly chopped

60ml lemon juice

Grated rind of 1 lemon

500g white sugar

5ml pectin powder

Combine the figs and lemon juice and rind in a large glass bowl and microwave on full power 3-4 minutes until the figs are soft and mushy. Mix the pectin into the sugar. Add to the figs and stir well. Return to the microwave and cook on full power for 15-20 minutes stirring frequently until the setting point is reached. To test the setting point drop a small spoonful on a cold plate and see if it forms a gel. Spoon the mixture into sterilized jars and seal while still hot.




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