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Meringue two ways


Meringue is such a simple thing to make and can be used to create a host of delicious desserts.

The rule of thumb when making a meringue mixture is that you need 60ml of castor sugar for every egg white you use. Remember the 2 important rules for making meringue are there must be no yolk in your egg white and the bowl you use must be spotlessly clean. It is also better for your egg whites to be at room temperature. Adding your castor sugar a tablespoon at a time helps to make sure that the sugar dissolves completely which will give you a nice smooth meringue. I find if you add the sugar too quickly your meringues could leak and become a bit sugary when baked.


I used a 4 egg white and 250ml castor sugar mixture to make a tray of fun meringues. I tried experimenting in making candy stripe meringue kisses, some small meringue nests and meringue batons. I used a bit too much colouring and the meringue kisses turned out a bit bright. They turned out better towards the end when most of the colour had disappeared.

I filled the little meringue nests with my homemade lemon curd and fresh blueberries and after popping a few kisses into my mouth I crushed the left over meringues and used them to make a yummy Eaton Mess for dessert. Because the meringues were tinged with pink, this turned the whipped cream I folded them into pink,which looked pretty cool.


To make Eaton Mess, whip 250ml fresh cream to firm peaks and fold in crushed meringues and sliced strawberries. I also add some pomegranate rubies for extra colour and texture.

Don’t make these to long in advance as the meringue completely dissolves , it much nicer to have crunchy meringue pieces in.


Eaton mess


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